Buffet Ideas (this section is "Under Construction")

Breakfast & Brunch


Traditional Continental  9.95/pp

Assorted breakfast breads, hard boiled eggs, vanilla yogurt, homemade maple pecan granola, 2% milk,  assorted bottled juices, coffee, butter & jam

Soleil  10.95/pp

Custom Quiche, sausage or bacon, breakfast potatoes & fresh fruit

Crustless & fluffy egg pies whipped with cream cheese and herbs with your choice of fillings. Choose 3 Fillings: Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Spinach, Green Chiles, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, Artichoke hearts, Feta & Mushrooms

Farmer's Wake-up 10.95/pp

Fresh scrambled eggs, French toast, maple syrup, sausage or bacon, homefries, butter,  jam & salsa

Hash Skillet   10.95/pp

Corned beef, potatoes, onions & peppers diced up together, crisped to perfection & topped with melted cheese. Served with scrambled eggs, assorted breakfast breads, butter & jam

Country Comfort 10.95/pp

Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, homemade creamy sausage gravy, buttermilk biscuits & homefries

    Just Beverages & Bagels 8.95/pp 

Bottled juices, regular coffee with all the fixings, assorted bagels with regular & flavored cream cheese, butter & jam

Fresh Fruit & Breads 5.95/pp

Seasonal sliced fruit selection with mini muffins, breads, butter & jam

Breakfast Burritos 5.95-8.95 each

Fillings can include eggs, cheese, black beans, potatoes, sausage or bacon, green chiles...you name it & I’ll wrap it. Individually wrapped w/ picante packets

Juice & Coffee Bar   2.95/pp

Lox and Bagels   9.95/pp

Nova Scotia smoked salmon, herb cream cheese, tomatoes, red onion wheels, sliced cucumbers, capers & assorted bagels

Luncheons & Sandwiches


Hot Sandwich Buffet

Mountain Cheesesteak

Thin sliced sirloin, fire roasted bell peppers and onions on sourdough hoagies w/ cheese,  mayo & horseradish

We can also use smoked chicken w / mayo & Frank’s Hot Sauce on the side

Pulled Smoked Pork or Chicken

Lightly smoked meats served on Ciabatta rolls w/ Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, mayo & Frank’s Hot Sauce on the side

All Beef Hot Dogs

¼ Pound all beef dogs w/  buns & condiments

We can turn this into a Sonoran, Chicago, New York &/or International toppings bar 

“X Diamond” Burgers

½  Pound Burgers from grass fed beef w/ soft Ciabatta buns, assorted cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles & condiments

Cold Sandwich Platters

Killer BLT on Marble Rye

Wild Turkey on Croissant

Treehugger (Veggie) on Honey Wheat 

Mountain Club on Honey Wheat

Beef & Bleu w/ avocadoon Ciabatta

Picnic Sides

Texas Baked Beans

Cole Slaw

Potato or Macaroni Salad

Mixed Greens, Iceberg or Caesar Salad

Seasonal Fruit Salad

Assorted Bags of Chips

 Prices "To Be Determined" based on guest count 

Dinner & Add-Ons


Choose Entrees from our vast list in the next section or customize a family-friendly buffet from these items.

Pasta Variety & Sauces

Marinara, Alfredo or Basil Pesto

Meatballs, Sausage or Mushrooms

Warm Garlic Bread

Homemade Soup & Fresh Baked Rolls

Vegetable, Beef Barley, Potato & Leek, New England Clam Chowder, Loaded Baked Potato, Pork Posole & more!

Salad, Fresh Baked Rolls & Fruit

Choose a mixed greens, Caesar or iceberg salad with complimentary dressings, add some fresh baked rolls, some honey butter and fresh sliced seasonal fruits and you have a wonderful light addition to any dinner, lunch or brunch buffet. 

Baked Potato & Fixings

6 oz foil wrapped baked potatoes w/ a huge spread of toppings like:

sour cream, cheddar cheese, butter, chives, bacon bits, broccoli. olives, chili and so much more!

Specialty Quiche & Fruit or Salad

 Crustless & fluffy egg pies whipped with cream cheese and herbs with your choice of fillings. Choose your fillings: Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Spinach, Green Chiles, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, Artichoke hearts, Feta cheese & Mushrooms.  

The crust is actually Swiss cheese. Cheddar or pepper jack goes into the filling. You decide. Each 9 inch quiche is served whole but sliced into 6 or 8 triangles to best suit your gathering.

Served with fresh fruit, salad or a la carte.

Appetizer Trays


 Buffalo Wings w/ Veggies & Dip

Sliced Meat, Cheese & Crackers

Aunt Lottie's Devilish Eggs

Hummus & Pita Traingles

Veggies & Dip

Chips & Salsa 

Cocktail Meatballs

Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

Marinated Stuffed Mushrooms

Self -Serve Soft Drinks


Fresh Brewed Iced Tea


Strawberry Lemonade

MexicanBottled Sodas

Dessert Platters


Decadent Brownies 

Assorted Dessert Bars

Homemade Cookies

Fresh Fruit Platter  

We use a wonderful local dessert person for extra fancy stuff.

Her name is Nikki Wilden in Springerville and I can put you in touch with her or you can reach out to her on Facebook.

Entrees & Pricing

The selections on this page are really just suggestions. They are my favorites to make but if you want me to price out other ideas, i'd be happy to! Get ahold of me so we can chat.